TinyCount.com  (  Millions of hits counted! )

TinyCount is a free, safe, and anonymous counter. Use it on your web page or blog, and it will show you how many people have visited your site. Use it on an ad (works with Craigslist™), and see how many people have viewed your ad. No personal information is gathered about either the person who posts the ad or the people who look at it.

Just paste the line of code shown below into your web page or ad. No customization is necessary (but you can stylize the counter and change the colors if you want). Also, you do not have to create an account, supply your email address, or log in to anything in order to see the current count.

<img src="http://tinycount.com/tc" title="TinyCount.com">

To have a counter appear on the body of your Craigslist™ ad, for example, simply copy the snippet of code in the box below and paste it in the text box along with the body of your ad. Then, just publish your ad like normal. Don't worry if the counter doesn't show up in the preview page; it will start counting when your ad is published. To see how many times your ad has been viewed, view your ad and look for the number. You can use the same bit of code for all of your web pages or ads, and they will still be tracked independently. You can also align it and apply styles just like any image.

Note: TinyCount is pretty reliable, but one limitation is that you will not be able to see the counter if support for passing referer information has been disabled in your browser. If you don't know what that means, you could look it up or just find another website counter.